Johan the Young Scientist

Johan the Young Scientist
Johan, The Young Scientist is created with fun & vibrant ideas to stimulate the minds of children in developing a love for science. The series is about a child whose inquisitive nature always leads him to a great deal of often bumpy but successful adventures and discoveries. It follows Johan, an enthusiastic 6 year old as he explores Scienscape, a wildly colourful and futuristic reality contained only in The Amazing Book of Science. Helping Johan as he seeks the answers to his scientific curiosities are his friends: Ani, Moki, Ranger Bob, Juanita and Professor Hoo. Together they will discover how their world is inter-related to science and how science affects their everyday life.

26 x 12 minutes

Fun Edutainment

4 - 8 year-olds

Production Technique
Digital 2D

Year of Production