12 & Strong

16th May 2014 – We celebrate our birthday today! It’s hard to imagine that there are little boys and girls running around who are the same age as us. It’s easier to understand adults who are running around like they are 12 year olds though.

To celebrate, we are starting an activity called Masters and Angels, where everyone is simultaneously a Master and an anonymous Angel. As an Angel, you show encouragement and support to your Master in the most creative way possible. As a Master, you get anonymous encouragement and support in return.

This fun activity will last for one whole month involving everybody in Inspidea. It will culminate in a crazy party where everyone’s master and angel will be revealed. It will be a blast to find out who is who!

To everyone who has worked and partnered with us over the years, thank you very much. We couldn’t come to this day without your friendship, love and help!