Compositing Artist

Combining animation and background assets while also enhancing the overall look to give the scene that extra WOW factor.


We have many different projects going all the time. Your daily task will be compositing scenes using many elements and applying effects. You will be assigned sequences of shots according to the production schedule. You will be in a team of other compositors so being a team player is necessary.


  • A strong sense of performance, timing, composition and design.
  • The flexibility and adaptability of using different compositing tools and techniques.
  • A good comprehension of translating storyboard ideas/intention into composited animation scenes.
  • A good understanding of technical issues to ensure the FX matches production requirements.


  • Open-mindedness and willing to learn.
  • A good communicator. Your Leader and team members would understand exactly what you mean.
  • Able to follow instructions and feedback from Supervisors and Lead.
  • Able to meet deadline and quota set by the production.


  • Recent Resume (PDF)
  • Demo reel (MOV/MP4/M4V, 3 mins run time)
    • Color grading, Particles, Lighting
    • Video Editing
  • Working knowledge of After Effects is essential
  • Working knowledge of Toon Boom Harmony, Flash and/or Animate CC is an advantage

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HR Generalist

As a General HR Executive, you will get a chance to work on multiple Human Resource functions, including Payroll & Compensation, Staff Contracts, Performance Management, Welfare & People Development and Talent Recruitment. You need to be able to major in one major function while at the same time be able to handle another function.


We have many different projects going all the time. Your daily task is a list of small things. You will ensure HR data and records are maintained correctly and accurately at all times. You will ensure all HR practices are in compliance with Labour law, statutory and other external requirements. You are able to support all level of staff in various HR related affairs such as leaves, attendance, compensation, incentives etc. including resolving issues and problems related to staff affairs. You can maintain good file organisation and able to maintain staff files, records and data regularly, systematically and accurately using HRM Systems. Generating periodic reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually) to track HR metrics versus plan. Finally, you can drive improvement in HR processes to achieve or exceed targets.

You will be working alongside a team of other HR Generalists in the People Department so your tasks will vary from day to day. Teamwork makes the dream work so being a team player is necessary.


  • Excellent multitasking skills.
  • Strong conflict, problem solving and negotiation skills.


  • Open-mindedness and willing to learn.
  • A good communicator with your Leader and team members to ensure everybody understands each other.
  • Able to follow instructions and feedback from your Leader and management.
  • Able to meet deadline set by your Leader or management.


  • Recent Resume (PDF)
  • Graduate in Business Administration, Finance, Human Resource, Human Science, Psychology or any other education.
  • Proficient in 3 languages – English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin
  • Excellent knowledge in MS Excel, Word, HRMS, and Google Services
  • Strong work experience of at least 1 year experience in the HR field. We may consider fresh graduate if you possess the right attitude and fit our culture

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Read the FAQ.

Osiana World: The Comic Book

30-11-2016 – We are in the final stretch of completing our new comic book Osiana World! Osiana World is a comic book anthology project produced by the creative minds of our very own talented Inspideans. This includes 2 ambitious project directors and 5 fantastic artists, all of whom are uniquely specialized and inspired to produce brilliant animation!

This hard back book contains five heroic tales in an alternate Nusantara universe.

To find out more about this project and to keep updated with all the news then find Osiana on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They can all be found @osianaworld.

To add to this social media there is also a micro site in which you can find an online store where you are able to pre order the book and some extra exclusive goodies that only those who pre order will be able to get. To find Osiana’s micro site simply search

Mustang Mama #JogaLouca on Youtube in HD

Petaling Jaya, August 5, 2016 – Celebrating the arrival of the premiere sporting event this weekend, Inspidea Sdn Bhd is happy to announce the availability of Mustang Mama #JogaLouca on Youtube. The entire season of the series – 26 3-minute episodes – will be available across all regions.

“It’s been 8 years since we released Mustang Mama Diehard Sports Fan. Since then, the availability of content through digital on-demand channels have grown and flourished, “Andrew Ooi, Managing Director of Inspidea said. “We thought it is high time we re-release this particular season on Youtube.”

To prepare for the re-release, all of the episodes were re-rendered in 1080p video. “We dug up our files from our server and put in the extra effort so that people who watch it on Youtube can enjoy every pixel of every frame of animation we did,” Andrew continued.

One episode will be released every day of the Games, totaling 14 episodes in 14 days. The other 12 episodes will be available at the start of the Paralympic Games in September.

A Simple and Splendid Night

In the late afternoon that Friday, Amir and Hemi from Inspidea and the whole crew of Tavern In The Park began to set up the café for the event that night. It was for an intimate berbuka puasa in the former Hin Bus Depot with special guests – Puan Salmah and her clients from her Disabled and Elderly Home of Bayan Baru (Rumah Orang Kurang Upaya dan Warga Emas, Bayan Baru). Working together, they put up Raya-themed decorations all over the eatery. Once the caterer arrived, they arranged the kuehs in the serving plates.

Just a little after 7 PM, two large white vans arrived at the depot. Andrew, Amir, and Hemi from Inspidea joined the management of Tavern In The Park, to welcome Puan Salmah and her charges. Some of them, like Pakcik Osman and Pakcik Roslan, Amir and Hemi recognized almost immediately. Fathiha, who was completely paralysed, had to be helped onto her wheelchair. Pakcik Osman asked for a brief tour of the place and Amir happily obliged, pushing the elder man in his wheelchair around what used to be one of Penang’s bustling bus depot. Before entering, everyone gathered just outside the Tavern to take a group photo.

As the special guests were seated in Tavern, the team members at Hin Bus Depot Art Centre and the Bricklin Café were also taking their seats outside of the Tavern to join in the festivity. The Inspideans and the Tavern crew served the disabled and elderly guests their meals in time for berbuka. As the azan played on the local radio station, everyone started eating the delicious biryani rice, chicken curry and beef rendang. Even Fathiha enjoyed her meal as she was happily fed by one of the Tavern staff.

Once the main meals were done and everyone began eating the fresh local fruits, Amir stood up and gave a speech about the relationship Inspidea had with Puan Salmah and the DEHBB, starting with the Tricky Treasure Trip in 2014, as well as our contributions last year and this year. He elicited some laughs from the guests. A Tavern representative also gave a short speech of gratitude for the event.

Then it was time for a bit of merriment. Using Andrew’s MacBook Pro to playback the minus-one tracks, Hemi sang for the night. Three of them were Hari Raya songs written for M. Nasir, DJ Dave and Ahmad Jais, and one was a pop song from Anuar Zain. The audience was enchanted by his voice and some of them even sang along. A rapturous applause was given at the end of his performance.

The closing of the event began with a Thank You souvenir for Andrew, given by Puan Salmah. Next, Janey gave Puan Salmah three hampers. She returns the favour with a basketful of curry puffs! Soon after, the DEHBB guests were ushered back to their vans and everyone bid each other goodnight.

This was a simple event to give a little joy back to the disabled and the elderly residing at Puan Salmah’s Home. We hope to do more events with Puan Salmah in the future to help her with the costs of running the home. Selamat Hari Raya semua!

Learning is an Adventure

Somewhere near the Galapagos islands right now, a family of four is learning about the creatures, the plants and the people who call the islands home. Olivier and Stéphanie don’t have to write a note for why Noé and Camille are not in preschool- they are travelling the world on a catamaran.

The captain and his crew wanted to explore the world while limiting their carbon footprint to the minimum. Hence Planet Ocean, the name of their catamaran. They also want to learn more about the planet, the people that make a living while preserving their seaside towns, and the artists in these town that create wonderful works of art.

Fostering deep understanding between people of various culture and between us and the planet, is a commendable goal. That is why Inspidea is backing this endeavor by Planet Ocean Adventure. The more we see how we can make a positive impact in people’s lives, the more we strive to do better. To learn more about Planet Ocean Adventure, click here.

Experiment #4

Kevin Weijers, public speaker and entrepreneur, stopped by on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 to give a short talk to Inspideans about his experience on being an efficient and effective worker in any organization. He is on his world tour of social science experiment where he tries to help companies and organization work better.

On time management, he suggested that a daily to-do list should be prepared so that things are worked on a timely fashion. Since reading and writing emails consume too much time, Kevin suggested that we forgo e-mail. To solve problems, a face-to-face meeting that is short and concise is better so that things are sorted out faster.

Kevin gave three tips on how to work efficiently and effectively: 1) communicate clearly so that problems are solved and ideas take root, 2) use programs or apps that help you keep track of things to do, and finally 3) have a positive and happy attitude to plough through the day.

Let’s apply these lessons so that we are happier at work and at home!

Magic and Swords are here to stay

Swords and magic? Why not! Inspidea had worked together with Cartoon Network Asia and Cartoon Network India before. But on Thursday, it was announced that Cartoon Network Studios (USA) have appointed Inspidea as the production studio for the production of Magiswords!

This bit of exciting news was announced by Brian A. Miller, SVP and General Manager, Cartoon Network Studios while he was visiting the Content Malaysia Pitching Center. Created by Kyle A. Carrozza, the 2D animated series is about two siblings who go on a quest to collect magical swords and finding lots of crazy trouble along the way.

Here’s a little secret: we had been working on it for a while now! So if everything goes well, we are targeting a late 2016-early 2017 wrap. Cartoon Network Studios is handling the pre-production and the post-production of the series. Through FINAS’ Film in Malaysia Incentive support and our talented artists, Inspidea can make this not-so-swashbuckling series a success!

To watch the series trailer, click here.

Inspidea Studio Visit Lottery

January 12, 2015, Kelana Jaya – For the first time ever, selected members of the public get to visit Inspideapolis! The idea was to educate people about the hard work that went on in making an animated show and to inspire them to create content of their own. The selected members of the public were randomly picked through their lottery entry submitted at the Comic Fiesta 2015 convention held at the end of December.

We gave a brief presentation of the history of Inspidea and the shows that we worked on to the seven men and women. Then we showed them how we make cartoons, from the early concepts and all the way to the finishing touches. After that, they toured the ever colorful studio floors. We even screened for them some of the shows that we worked on, complete with popcorn and soda!

After a pizza lunch, we gave each of the visitors a special goodie bag containing the very prized, limited-edition Inspidea notebooks, cute button badges and copies of Little Giant. Everybody seemed to enjoy their time learning that there is a world-class animation studio right here in Malaysia.

12 & Strong

16th May 2014 – We celebrate our birthday today! It’s hard to imagine that there are little boys and girls running around who are the same age as us. It’s easier to understand adults who are running around like they are 12 year olds though.

To celebrate, we are starting an activity called Masters and Angels, where everyone is simultaneously a Master and an anonymous Angel. As an Angel, you show encouragement and support to your Master in the most creative way possible. As a Master, you get anonymous encouragement and support in return.

This fun activity will last for one whole month involving everybody in Inspidea. It will culminate in a crazy party where everyone’s master and angel will be revealed. It will be a blast to find out who is who!

To everyone who has worked and partnered with us over the years, thank you very much. We couldn’t come to this day without your friendship, love and help!