Chinese New Year 2014

With 2014’s Lunar New Year marking the Year of the Horse, the Inspidea family decided to celebrate this occasion a little differently. The “A Picture is worth a thousand horses” contest cantered into our offices and brought up the most creative designs yet!

The rules were simple: Take a picture of anything resembling a horse and put your own creative spin on it. Name your creation and gallop away with your creativity. And gallop they did!

The judges had a tough time choosing from all those wonderful entries but in the end, Jason, Aishah, Krasem & Erick galloped away with the top four spots with their gorgeous designs.

Carrying on the horsing around, the Inspideans tried out the Horse Dance ala Gangnam Style, without music. Kudos to them for their whole hearted enthusiasm for “letting the kid out”!

The final days of the Lunar New Year festivities fell on Valentine’s Day and Chap Goh Mei (15th Day of Lunar New Year, a Chinese Valentine’s Day as well). To mark this double celebration, each Inspidean received two heart shaped chocolates, a sweet and delicious way to begin the Year of the Horse.

Inspideans really do #letthekidout!

Happy Lunar New Year 2014, everyone!

Turning It Up to 11!

KELANA JAYA – May 17th 2013 – Last night, Inspidea celebrated our 11th anniversary like any date would be celebrated – a dinner and then a movie! Most Inspideans were racing against the deadline before they had to leave for the restaurant. Some didn’t even make it to the dinner but managed to come for the movie which was Star Trek Into Darkness.

But everyone got a special treat last night before the movie. It was the world theatrical premiere of InnerTommy, Inspidea’s first animated short film. Created by Wee San, InnerTommy is a story about a boy and a bubble gum befriending a helpless fly. InnerTommy is now an item that we could finally tick off from our bucket list. There are many other projects that we are aching to have the opportunity to work on, including our very first theatrical project.

Inspidea is 11-years young and like many young people, we dream big. Maybe one day we will get there. To all of our friends and family, thanks for putting up with us through all of these years. More importantly, thanks for believing in us!

Yoga By Volker

Started early this year, a group of Inspideans have been stretching, balancing and breath deeply in our Playground every Thursday evening. They are practicing yoga, that ancient physical discipline from India. The yoga sessions is taught by Dr. Volker Mann, a German chemical engineer turned yoga master.

Initially the class was a short 3-month program that we started back in September of 2012. But the response from Inspideans was fantastic. They felt that they had learned tools of relaxation that were useful in their daily lives. So due to their enthusiasm, the yoga class has been continued in 2013 for the entire year!

International Women’s Day 2013

KELANA JAYA, MARCH 8 2013 – Today is the International Women’s Day, a day where the contributions and struggles of women past, present and future are recognized and highlighted. Most governments, companies and organizations would celebrate the day with lots of activities on the 8th itself. Some would pepper activities throughout the month of March.

We decided to commemorate IWD on the 8th. All Inspideans are encouraged to wear something red today to signify that they support the commemoration. And as a show of appreciation and recognition of their contributions, each female Inspideans received a rose personally delivered by Andrew, CJ, Edward and Ijan.

It was a good surprise for the women in Inspidea to receive such a warm gesture of appreciation. For the men in Inspidea, the day brought awareness to the issues of gender equality and violence against women. It also made everyone appreciate their female friends and colleagues even more.

Inspidea at Comic Fiesta 2012

KUALA LUMPUR, DECEMBER 24 2012 – Last weekend, Comic Fiesta was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Continuing our support of the local comics and fan-art community, Inspidea became a sponsor for the event again. But this time, we decided to become the Gold sponsor for the event. We also expanded our booth space.

As per our Fiesta tradition, we had really long scrolls for people to draw on. We invited people of various skills to just have fun and draw. This time we used up 3 scrolls. We also had an animation demo for the benefit of those who are not in the industry and are not studying Animation in college. Some who attended were marveling at the skill our animation artists were displaying. Some were asking practical questions regarding techniques as well as industry insight. Lastly, we were selling the Little Giant artbook, featuring the off-the-clock artworks of Inspidea’s animators and BG artists. The full-color 136-page book was being sold at RM37 and is still available now for purchase. Contact us if you want a copy!

It was another successful booth at Comic Fiesta for Inspidea. We look forward to next year’s event, not just to expose the Malaysian public about who we are but to also enjoy the cosplay spectacle being paraded in front of us. See you December 2013!

Scurvy Dogs For A Day

For the animation team of Scary Larry, last weekend was a fun, relaxing weekend in the sun. The team went to Langkawi Island as their bounty for their winning performance during Inspidea’s annual dinner. Langkawi is actually a small archipelago that’s famous for its beautiful natural wonders.

The highlight of the trip was the one-day excursion on a yacht. People were lazying out on the deck, net skimming by the side of the yacht, swimming in the ocean and kayaking from island to island. They even explored Langsir Cave, a beautiful lagoon reportedly used by pirates by day and haunted by vampires at night.

At dinner, Raymond, the team leader for the project, said that he was very proud of the hard work that was done by the team. The seafood meal was fresh and sumptuous. When the team arrived back in KL, almost everybody got either a tan or sunburnt. But everyone definitely had fun!

3 Weddings In September

We don’t know if there was any astrological reason behind them but in September we had three Inspideans getting married. The first one was Fizree, our animation supervisor, who got married earlier last month in Yan, Kedah. The second one was Haseena, our clean-up team leader, who got married right here in Kelana Jaya on the 23rd. The third one was Saidah, another clean-up team leader, who got married in Shah Alam on the last Sunday of the month!

For the three couples, Inspideans wish you a happy and fulfilling life together. Congratulations!

The First MGCC

Last weekend the first ever Malaysia Games and Comics Convention (MGCCon) was staged in KL. The enthusiast-organized event was aimed at bringing together games and comics communities and their industry representatives. Inspidea took part in the MGCcon and had a blast!
We booked a booth and used Superheroes vs Villains as our theme. Attendees who visit our booth can draw on cards their own superheroes or supervillains characters. Once they’re done, we’d post them on the walls of our booths. Some of them were nicely drawn and some were stick figures, but all of them were very creative! We will scan and post these cards on our Facebook account soon!

Being one of the animation companies that attended the convention, Andrew were invited to give a talk about Making Cartoons. We were also given space to conduct portfolio reviews of aspiring artists and animators to show their work.

It seems that KL has two enthusiast-organized comics and games events now. We look forward to representing Inspidea in both events to attract creative talents to our studio as well as proving to the attendees that local studios can produce world-class animation work. We are expanding after all!

Happy Tenniversary!

Wednesday marked 10 years of Inspidea being brave and being persistent about letting the kid out. Starting the business from CJ’s room, to setting up an office at Mont Kiara Plaza, to the first expansion at Kelana Square and till today‘s ever expanding expansion plans, Inspidea has grown big!

We celebrated our anniversary at our new lounge. It was still not quite decorated yet but it will be soon. CJ gave a little speech before announcing that instead of having one big cake, everyone will have cupcakes instead! After the mad rush for cupcakes and lighting it, we sang Happy Birthday to Inspidea in a joyous and un-melodious manner.

We have planned many fun events that lead up to our main Tenniversary event on June 16th – Party Past 10! If any of our clients are in town, you’re welcomed to join in! We also accept any presents!

CNY 2012

At this time of year, the Chinese community celebrates Chinese New Year, which traditionally has been to mark the first sign of spring. The zodiac sign for this year is the dragon and since this astrological year is the Yang Water year, 2012 is the water dragon year or the blue dragon year.

We always do something special for Chinese New Year. This year we held a competition called Enter The Dragon. Inspideans must decorate the floor that they’re on for the new Year. Bonus points were given if the decorations had additional layers of meaning in them.

Obviously the floor with the most team spirit won. They went all out to get their decorations up by the deadline. Each work station had a hidden dragon somewhere. The team also infused their decoration with the number 10, which is of a significance for Inspidea this year. Not only that, on the judging day, everyone had a splash of red in their attire!

The winning floor will be getting a special prize from the US. What exactly that would be? No one knows but CJ and Andrew!

Later that day, every Inspideans got an angpau (red envelopes filled with money) as part of the new year tradition. To make it more interesting this year, we made a little game called Spin The Dragon. Everyone had to stand around a spinning wheel which would determine where their red envelopes were located on the angpau table. Most received enough for a simple lunch but one winner received an angpau worth almost US$100!

To view more photos of the Enter The Dragon competition and the Spin The Dragon game, click here for the Facebook link!