Chinese New Year 2014

With 2014’s Lunar New Year marking the Year of the Horse, the Inspidea family decided to celebrate this occasion a little differently. The “A Picture is worth a thousand horses” contest cantered into our offices and brought up the most creative designs yet!

The rules were simple: Take a picture of anything resembling a horse and put your own creative spin on it. Name your creation and gallop away with your creativity. And gallop they did!

The judges had a tough time choosing from all those wonderful entries but in the end, Jason, Aishah, Krasem & Erick galloped away with the top four spots with their gorgeous designs.

Carrying on the horsing around, the Inspideans tried out the Horse Dance ala Gangnam Style, without music. Kudos to them for their whole hearted enthusiasm for “letting the kid out”!

The final days of the Lunar New Year festivities fell on Valentine’s Day and Chap Goh Mei (15th Day of Lunar New Year, a Chinese Valentine’s Day as well). To mark this double celebration, each Inspidean received two heart shaped chocolates, a sweet and delicious way to begin the Year of the Horse.

Inspideans really do #letthekidout!

Happy Lunar New Year 2014, everyone!