CNY 2012

At this time of year, the Chinese community celebrates Chinese New Year, which traditionally has been to mark the first sign of spring. The zodiac sign for this year is the dragon and since this astrological year is the Yang Water year, 2012 is the water dragon year or the blue dragon year.

We always do something special for Chinese New Year. This year we held a competition called Enter The Dragon. Inspideans must decorate the floor that they’re on for the new Year. Bonus points were given if the decorations had additional layers of meaning in them.

Obviously the floor with the most team spirit won. They went all out to get their decorations up by the deadline. Each work station had a hidden dragon somewhere. The team also infused their decoration with the number 10, which is of a significance for Inspidea this year. Not only that, on the judging day, everyone had a splash of red in their attire!

The winning floor will be getting a special prize from the US. What exactly that would be? No one knows but CJ and Andrew!

Later that day, every Inspideans got an angpau (red envelopes filled with money) as part of the new year tradition. To make it more interesting this year, we made a little game called Spin The Dragon. Everyone had to stand around a spinning wheel which would determine where their red envelopes were located on the angpau table. Most received enough for a simple lunch but one winner received an angpau worth almost US$100!

To view more photos of the Enter The Dragon competition and the Spin The Dragon game, click here for the Facebook link!