Happy Tenniversary!

Wednesday marked 10 years of Inspidea being brave and being persistent about letting the kid out. Starting the business from CJ’s room, to setting up an office at Mont Kiara Plaza, to the first expansion at Kelana Square and till today‘s ever expanding expansion plans, Inspidea has grown big!

We celebrated our anniversary at our new lounge. It was still not quite decorated yet but it will be soon. CJ gave a little speech before announcing that instead of having one big cake, everyone will have cupcakes instead! After the mad rush for cupcakes and lighting it, we sang Happy Birthday to Inspidea in a joyous and un-melodious manner.

We have planned many fun events that lead up to our main Tenniversary event on June 16th – Party Past 10! If any of our clients are in town, you’re welcomed to join in! We also accept any presents!