How Do You Do Chengdu?

November 11, 2011 –  Being leaders of Inspidea have its perks. That’s why on November 5th through 8th, a team of Inspideans got a chance to travel to Chengdu, China. (Cheng as in hang, du as in do)

The team comprised of Heartbeat members – leaders of each department and community representatives – who went there to set the direction that Inspidea should follow in 2012. Through brainstorming and team building games, everyone explored ideas and shared stories that will make 2012 a bigger year for the studio.

But it wasn’t all just work. Everyone got a taste of the Sichuan (see-chew-one) peppers, used in practically every conceivable dish and sometimes dessert in Chengdu. The taste stayed in your mouth for a long time, your tongue were numb for a few hours and if you’re unlucky, you’ll end up in the bathroom most of the night.

The team also climbed Mount Emei, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It took four hours on the road just to get there, then another hour from the base just to get to the top! But the view is worth all the trouble and made the entire trip memorable.