A Fun Company

Digital animation is what Inspidea really excels at. We create fun entertainment to inspire the world to dream differently. From our work in preproduction to the nitty gritty of animation, we want you to believe that the impossible can be outrageously probable. So let the kid out and let your mind wander!

We ourselves dream to rule the world through animation domination. We will do this with an army of Inspideans who are tall, short, underweight, overweight, old, legally young, and everything in between! All of us have the five Cs – we are committed, confident, colourful, cute and cuckoo!

Ten For Ten

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! In 2009, we were inspired by Zappos' story of keeping the office atmosphere fun. We realize that their core values are just like how we see ourselves at Inspidea. They are just smarter in putting them into words. So that year, with the consent of Zappos', we accepted their 10 core values as our own.


A Trail Blazer

Inspidea worked on Chamki's World, Sesame Workshop's first foray into the world of animation. Together with Cartoon Network, Inspideans worked on this Hindi-English series and it went on air in the same year.

As part of Inspidea's 13th anniversary celebration, we held a Lip-Sync Battle! Inspideans were grouped together based on the floors they worked on - Inspideapolis occupies 10 floors - to perform pop songs in front of a live audience. You can view the showdown on Youtube here.

Inspidea became the production studio for Marathon Media's Lolirock, a mammoth 2 season, 52 x half-hour series. It was the biggest project we had worked on, requiring the creative output of more than 150 Inspideans.

We embarked on Tricky Treasure Trip, a wacky, enlightening and giving trip in Georgetown, Penang. Inspideans learned about Penang's rich history and culture, and the issues the elderly and the disabled faced.

Kobushi, our zany co-production with Zagtoon studios about sushis that come alive at night, went on air in France. It then went on to Korea, Australia and Singapore.

InnerTommy, our first short film about Tommy's gutsy adventure, received an award at DIGICON Japan.

The birth of Inspideapolis. Inspidea expanded to an additional five lots of office space around the current studio facilities, creating what can be called the Inspidea Triangle. There is a dedicated floor for training, built for classes to be conducted whenever there's a major software upgrade is installed or specific animation techniques that the animation artists must learn. There's also the Playground, our new lounge complete with a new pantry and a screening room/activity space.

The Tenniversary. Inspidea celebrated the 10th anniversary this year. The celebration was really all out, with an anniversary party in May and a 10-teams-for-10-cities company trip in December.

Inspidea co-produces Kobushi with Zagtoon, marking the third time we had worked with them. Together with a distribution deal with Gulli, Kobushi is set to give the world something fresh and wacky.

Inspidea became the first animation studio in South East Asia to work on an original IP with Nick Asia. Akis was the result of this collaboration. She is an energetic, creative and inventive little girl who acts out her dreams even though it might annoy her friends and family. The production started, finished and went on air in 2012. Go Akis!

Pet Squad was completed and the series is being shown now worldwide. It was also nominated for a 2010/2011 BAFTA for Children's Animation!

BBC UK greenlit Pet Squad, an animation co-production among Darrall Mcqueen of the UK, March Entertainment of Canada and Inspidea!

In 2009, Inspidea entered into a co-production deal with KidsCo UK to produce a Boo & Me 13x2-minute series. Production completed within 10 months and the series is now internationally recognized!

Inspidea also partnered with Astro Malaysia to co-produce Mat Kacau, based on a character from their highly successful kids game show, Gerak Geri Gasing. The series is a big hit in Malaysia!

Inspidea had gotten bigger! Over 100 Inspideans running busily around!

In 2008, Xilam Animation chose Inspidea to animate A Kind Of Magic, their project for Disney and France 3. We were proud to be selected for such a fun project!

Mustang Mama was invited to celebrate the Beijing Olympics 2008 with Yahoo! The logo animation was featured in Yahoo! sites in Singapore, Philipines, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Mustang Mama Diehard Sports Fan was nominated at the Cartoons on The Bay in Italy in 2008. She was not a sore loser.

In 2008, Inspidea inked a co-production deal with SIP studio to produce Ko-Bushi. This tasty series is set to be served in 2010.

Scrawl Studios produced the second season of Milly Molly. We were proud and excited to be involved in the production again.

In 2007, Inspidea partnered with SIP Animation on their production of Combo Niños. Wrapped in 2008, the experience broadened the company's animating and capoeira skills. We also got to learn a new sport!

Production of Mustang Mama Diehard Sports Fan commenced in 2007. Completed in time for Beijing Olympics, it became the first Inspidea series to get a second season produced. Mama became a very popular girl in a short period of time.

Mustang Mama Football Fever became the second production for us. Completed in 2006, the zany comedy shorts became an instant hit worldwide! Mama was broadcast on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, AXN, Animax, TV12, NTV7 (Malaysia), Yahoo!, VRAK, TFOU and YLE. It received an award in 2006 for Best of Media & Entertainment from APICTA, the first original production from Inspidea to win an award. Everybody was proud, in-laws and relatives included.

Inspidea partnered with Scrawl Studios to produce Milly Molly for ABC Australia. The experience created a watercolor obsession in Inspidea.

Johan was distributed to Indonesia, Korea, Middle East, Dubai, Singapore, India, Portugal, Malaysia and in the US. Needless to say, little Johan became a multilinguist very fast!

Our first production was completed in 2004. Johan The Young Scientist took a little more than a year to gestate, which for humans is very unusual but for TV shows, not really. Everybody was ecstatic over the firstborn, including the in-laws and long lost relatives.

2003 was the year of playing hookey. We did didley squat. Actually that’s not true. Johan was conceived that year through the involvement of several people.

Inspidea was started in 2002 by two unlikely people ever to start an animation studio. One was an amazing right brainer while the other was an extraordinary left brainer. The impact of this explosive combination still can be seen. You ARE reading this site, right?