Job Application FAQ

How do I submit my application?
Fill in this form and hit submit. That's all!

What do you want to see in my resume?
Your resume should include your career objective, your job or project experience if any, your educational background and your professional achievements. We generally don't expect your resume to be beyond 2 pages long.

What do you expect to see in my portfolio?
We expect that you include the best work that you've done. Drawings, paintings and animation shots or reels that you've worked on are the stuff that we generally are excited to see.

If I'm not a Malaysian, would you still accept my application?
Yes, we would. We evaluate your application on your own merits - by your skill level and experience. So send in your application!

Do you accept internship applications?
We welcome internship applications. We do ask that those applying to allot for 4-months or more interning in Inspidea.

What kind of interns do you take?
We have internship opportunities for background, animation, ink-and-paint, pre-compositing and compositing artists.

Do you accept internship applications from foreign countries?
Yes we do!