We love our IP! Ranging from 2-minute shorts to 12-minute programs, our IPs are adorable, athletic and awesome! As we create more of them, we get better at it each time.

We are always working on new IPs.


Our contribution to the world of animation doesn't stop at producing our own original IPs. We also help studios and broadcasters worldwide to bring their IPs to life! We can just work on the pre-production side but we can also handle the entire production cycle!

Working with other studios has allowed us to learn from other artists and expand our creativity. So the more we do, the better we get. And we definitely love our client's IPs as much as we love ours!


Believe it or not, we are our own distributor! Every one of our shows are distributed directly by us. It's a lot more work but we enjoy meeting new people in broadcast and distribution.

Sometimes we are surprised by the origin of the sales inquiry and sometimes we are surprised at how well our shows have rated. Most of the times we are amazed at how ours shows have affected people around the world.

So if you feel that our shows fits your audience, e-mail or call us. We'll send you links to our video screeners pronto!