X3: X-Treme X-Tion X-Traordinaire

X3: X-Treme X-Tion X-Traordinaire
3x the fun, 3x the danger and 3x the silliness! X3 takes Mustang Mama, Toby and Sally to new heights as they jump head first into the crazy world of extreme sports, testing the spirit of the sports to the limit! In this brand new season, Mama shows the younger crowd how she does it as she rock climbs, snowboards and hang-glides her way to victory. She even does her bit of base jumping just to save her supposed boyfriend, Tanaka. Toby and Sally are as gung-ho for danger as Mama. The two mental-ists throw caution and loose change to the wind as they monster truck their way into adventure and bungee their way out of trouble. For all three of them, the only way to do it is to overdo it!

26 x 2 minutes

Extreme Comedy

Children / Adults

Production Technique
Digital 2D

Year of Production