Osiana World: The Comic Book

30-11-2016 – We are in the final stretch of completing our new comic book Osiana World! Osiana World is a comic book anthology project produced by the creative minds of our very own talented Inspideans. This includes 2 ambitious project directors and 5 fantastic artists, all of whom are uniquely specialized and inspired to produce brilliant animation!

This hard back book contains five heroic tales in an alternate Nusantara universe.

To find out more about this project and to keep updated with all the news then find Osiana on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They can all be found @osianaworld.

To add to this social media there is also a micro site in which you can find an online store where you are able to pre order the book and some extra exclusive goodies that only those who pre order will be able to get. To find Osiana’s micro site simply search http://osiana.inspidea.com