Scurvy Dogs For A Day

For the animation team of Scary Larry, last weekend was a fun, relaxing weekend in the sun. The team went to Langkawi Island as their bounty for their winning performance during Inspidea’s annual dinner. Langkawi is actually a small archipelago that’s famous for its beautiful natural wonders.

The highlight of the trip was the one-day excursion on a yacht. People were lazying out on the deck, net skimming by the side of the yacht, swimming in the ocean and kayaking from island to island. They even explored Langsir Cave, a beautiful lagoon reportedly used by pirates by day and haunted by vampires at night.

At dinner, Raymond, the team leader for the project, said that he was very proud of the hard work that was done by the team. The seafood meal was fresh and sumptuous. When the team arrived back in KL, almost everybody got either a tan or sunburnt. But everyone definitely had fun!