The First MGCC

Last weekend the first ever Malaysia Games and Comics Convention (MGCCon) was staged in KL. The enthusiast-organized event was aimed at bringing together games and comics communities and their industry representatives. Inspidea took part in the MGCcon and had a blast!
We booked a booth and used Superheroes vs Villains as our theme. Attendees who visit our booth can draw on cards their own superheroes or supervillains characters. Once they’re done, we’d post them on the walls of our booths. Some of them were nicely drawn and some were stick figures, but all of them were very creative! We will scan and post these cards on our Facebook account soon!

Being one of the animation companies that attended the convention, Andrew were invited to give a talk about Making Cartoons. We were also given space to conduct portfolio reviews of aspiring artists and animators to show their work.

It seems that KL has two enthusiast-organized comics and games events now. We look forward to representing Inspidea in both events to attract creative talents to our studio as well as proving to the attendees that local studios can produce world-class animation work. We are expanding after all!