Turning It Up to 11!

KELANA JAYA – May 17th 2013 – Last night, Inspidea celebrated our 11th anniversary like any date would be celebrated – a dinner and then a movie! Most Inspideans were racing against the deadline before they had to leave for the restaurant. Some didn’t even make it to the dinner but managed to come for the movie which was Star Trek Into Darkness.

But everyone got a special treat last night before the movie. It was the world theatrical premiere of InnerTommy, Inspidea’s first animated short film. Created by Wee San, InnerTommy is a story about a boy and a bubble gum befriending a helpless fly. InnerTommy is now an item that we could finally tick off from our bucket list. There are many other projects that we are aching to have the opportunity to work on, including our very first theatrical project.

Inspidea is 11-years young and like many young people, we dream big. Maybe one day we will get there. To all of our friends and family, thanks for putting up with us through all of these years. More importantly, thanks for believing in us!