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Making cartoons is part art and part science. People who are good at either or both are the kind of people we want. If you have the will and the skills to make cartoons, we have a spot for you. We want fun people.

So send in your application if you are available. Who knows? You might surprise us!

​With a hair flick, a flying kick or an odd tick, you bring characters to life. Your work makes the audience believe that the characters are real. If the characters are puppets, you are their masters.

You work on the house of glass, the homeroom class and the fields of grass grounds the characters to their reality. You set the stage where the story happens and where the characters live. You are the world builder.

Whether to add some flowing glitter or to show some glowing texture, you are ready to turn on that detailed feature. You combine the work of other artists to complete the visual feast.

When the schedule is tight or when the network is down to bytes, you make sure that things get done right. Being flexible is your strongest trait. You are a pro at using the spreadsheet and the calendar.

You start the day by welcoming foreign guests, then sorting through applications and tests, and finally checking on your colleagues leave requests. Everyday brings a different set of tasks and you live for it.

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