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A Simple Iftar

During the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims worldwide fast during the day for 29 days.

To break their fast, they eat their evening meal called Iftar.

In Malaysia, an Iftar meal can be a Bubur Lambuk, a savoury rice porridge with bits of meat, vegetables and spices. It is a tradition in Malaysian mosques that they distribute Bubur Lambuk to anyone who asks for an Iftar meal, even to the non-Muslims.

“It has become the symbol of unity and togetherness that bring the community closer. So for this Ramadan celebration, we decided to distribute Bubur Lambuk to Inspideans to bring everyone closer together,” says Shudy, one of the members of the group that ran Inspidea’s Iftar event on May 22nd 2019.

Apart from the Bubur Lambuk, other items that were also distributed are dried dates and a small bottle of drinking water. “It became an opportunity for us as the organizer to learn more about the history of Iftar in Malaysia and to understand more about the Iftar culture. We really appreciate this opportunity to organize the event. Seeing that it was successful, it made us feel very happy,” she continued.

It will be another year until Ramadan comes again. Until then, Inspideans can look fondly of their experience having Bubur Lambuk as their Iftar meal.

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