Seeing Red

Live, Love and Prosper! was a celebration of three events at one go: Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, and UK's Red Day. What connected them all was the idea of love and prosperity. To celebrate them, we gave out lovely chocolate packs to everyone at Inspidea. For those who wore red that day, they received special Kit-Kat bars.

The House of Ultima was the lead organizer for this event. They dressed in red and delivered all the chocolates to everyone. The chocolates were purchased by the House of Nachozz and were packed by the Houses of Titan and Yokai. To immortalize this memorable day, the House of Infinity took photos and recorded videos.

Our Kak Lilis

With the help of the entire Houses of UNITY, we successfully delivered our gifts to everyone including our lovely Kak Lilis and the cleaning ladies. The number of Inspideans rocking red t-shirts, shirts and blouses was beyond our expectation! We are grateful for everyone's support of the event.