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Raya Memories

Eid Mubarak is celebrated differently in different countries. In Malaysia, we call it Hari Raya. From the way we dress, to the food we eat and the guests who come to our homes, our celebration is unique from family to family. Inspidea celebrates Hari Raya just like any other family would.

Our Hari Raya celebration has evolved through the years, as Sammy remembers.

“I’ve attended every Inspidea’s Raya event since 2010. I remember when we had a smaller group. We had it at Basecamp and all of us had to bring our own kueh. We had our own potluck Raya.”

This year’s Raya celebration is bigger than 2018’s. It’s also Christopher’s first Inspidea Raya. Last year it was held around his birthday so he wasn’t in Malaysia. This was his first Raya celebration that he can remember. “When [we lined up and] we shook each other’s hands, it was funny because I tried to shake the girls’ hands. I didn’t know that I’m not allowed to,” he laughs.

Interestingly before Inspidea Raya, Ka Siang never celebrated it with his Muslim friends and neighbors. He said that the activity of shaking hands and asking for forgiveness from everybody was quite a fun and new experience. The other activities this year are the karaoke session, the mini-class on ketupat weaving and the screening of a classic P. Ramlee’s movie Tiga Abdul. According to Aiem, one of the organizers of the event, the activities were planned to get other Inspideans of different culture and religion to try Malaysia’s Raya traditions.

Christopher didn’t get to try ketupat weaving. “By that time, I was playing with the sparklers with Lammy outside.” Sammy enjoys the chatting and socializing, saying “Actually I look forward to Hari Raya event every year. It’s similar to Inspidea’s Christmas events where we just relax and chat.”

Hari Raya will be on May 24 next year. Until then, Inspideans can enjoy thinking back about their Raya memories in 2019.


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