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Coffee Day

Free-flow of freshly-brewed coffee!

On Friday June 28 2019, Inspideans who got to work early were greeted with that unmistakable aroma of coffee. That day was Coffee Day. Ain, one of the organizers of the event, said that “We want to encourage Inspideans to come to work earlier because they will be served with free freshly brewed coffee in the morning.”

Even though there was only free coffee and nothing else, the response was great. Ayie said, “The Coffee Day is a nice treat because most of the times, we only get instant coffee in Playground.” For a coffee drinker like him, he could tell the difference between instant coffee and a freshly brewed one.

Coffee lover Eton was so excited about Coffee Day when it was announced a week earlier. “Everyday I buy my own white coffee. [This morning’s coffee] was nice and delicious. I had three cups!”

For Linda, it was a fun morning because she said, “Coffee is my favorite drink. I even took a Thermos flask [to fill it up] and refilled it twice! I’m a coffee fiend.” As she shared her bounty with Eton, she added, “Coffee is my mood booster especially now that I’ve given birth [several months ago.]”

The group had a discussion and suggested that Coffee Day could be a regular one-day a month event at Inspidea. Ayie disagrees. “I think it should be everyday!” Linda said that they can work with the budget because the coffee grounds can be from local brands. After a while, they all agreed that maybe Coffee Day can be every Monday. “It would be more manageable and it can get rid of the Monday blues,” Ain said.


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