Kevin Weijers, public speaker and entrepreneur, stopped by on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 to give a short talk to Inspideans about his experience on being an efficient and effective worker in any organization. He is on his world tour of social science experiment where he tries to help companies and organization work better.

On time management, he suggested that a daily to-do list should be prepared so that things are worked on a timely fashion. Since reading and writing emails consume too much time, Kevin suggested that we forgo e-mail. To solve problems, a face-to-face meeting that is short and concise is better so that things are sorted out faster.

Kevin gave three tips on how to work efficiently and effectively: 1) communicate clearly so that problems are solved and ideas take root, 2) use programs or apps that help you keep track of things to do, and finally 3) have a positive and happy attitude to plough through the day.

Let’s apply these lessons so that we are happier at work and at home!