Somewhere near the Galapagos islands right now, a family of four is learning about the creatures, the plants and the people who call the islands home. Olivier and Stéphanie don’t have to write a note for why Noé and Camille are not in preschool- they are travelling the world on a catamaran.

The captain and his crew wanted to explore the world while limiting their carbon footprint to the minimum. Hence Planet Ocean, the name of their catamaran. They also want to learn more about the planet, the people that make a living while preserving their seaside towns, and the artists in these town that create wonderful works of art.

Fostering deep understanding between people of various culture and between us and the planet, is a commendable goal. That is why Inspidea is backing this endeavor by Planet Ocean Adventure. The more we see how we can make a positive impact in people’s lives, the more we strive to do better. To learn more about Planet Ocean Adventure, click here.